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Women across the world continue to suffer from gender inequality, including child- and forced marriage, gender-based violence, sexist policies, as well as barriers to participation in education and employment. Achieving gender equity globally is crucial to meeting development goals, reducing human suffering and solving our biggest environmental problems.  PRRFERENCE TO BOY CHILD: Families in developing countries prefer boy […]

Mind Blowing Myths On Plastic!

Here are some Mind Blowing Myths on Plastics: Myth 1: Plastic takes a long time to decompose! Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, they do photodegrade. When exposed to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, polyethylene’s polymer chains become brittle and start to crack. This makes plastic eventually fragment into microscopic granules, Leading to Microplastic pollution. Myth 2: Gigantic island […]

Fight Indoor Air Pollution with plants during COVID-19 Lockdown!

Many people stay indoors to stop the spread of COVID-19, but forgot about the indoor toxins. It is caused by perfumes, paints, glue, pesticides(cockroach/bug sprays), etc. Indoor toxic air stays at home for a long time because it is unlike outdoors where there is continous air flow to neutralise the toxic air. Indoor air pollution […]

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